Ice cream Zaytsa

Ice cream Zaytsa

Мороженое Зайца
Мороженое Зайца
Мороженое Зайца
«Zaytsa» — is considered the most delicious ice cream produced in Khabarovsk. Since 2000, unique recipes have been accumulated, thanks to which our ice cream has unique taste qualities. Traditions of production and modern high-tech equipment make the taste of ice cream truly magical.

To date, we produce more than 30 types of ice cream with a variety of fillers and additives

Ice cream «Zaytsa» is first of all:

  • Environmentally friendly water from Artesian springs in the Russian Far East.
  • High-quality condensed milk, prepared according to high quality standards from Omsk.
  • One of the best in Russia butter "Peasant" high fat content without third-party impurities, supplied from the Moscow region.
  • Original and diverse fillers - natural fruit and berry jams, nuts and dried fruits. All the ingredients for our ice cream are subject to quality control. Tastes are also carefully selected. All the ingredients for our ice cream are also made according to GOST standards, which guarantees their quality.
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